Landscape Design

It is crucial to start a preliminary landscape design process with the right set of questions, which can lay the foundation for a successful project. During our first meeting, our team will gather information by asking pertinent questions to understand your preferences, dislikes, and desires for your outdoor space. This process helps us to determine which design possibilities we should focus on to arrive at a plan that's right for you.

We will then conduct a thorough assessment of your property, walking the grounds, identifying unique features, and discussing potential challenges and opportunities. We may even discuss how landscape architecture can enhance the architecture of your home. This assessment helps us in unlocking the potential within your property and its surrounding environment.

Our professional landscape architects work with you every step of the way to ensure your initial vision is captured, refined, and detailed in the design process that we undertake. By the end of the first meeting, you will have a clear picture of the design we envision for your landscape, and we'll work collaboratively to bring that vision to life. The next step in the design process will involve putting the imagined landscape on paper so that our vision can be shared, critiqued, and refined as needed.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

More Landscape Design

After the initial meeting, the discussion continues, and we move towards a specific direction to capture and refine your initial vision. Our professional landscape architect presents several concepts that align with your goals. We may discuss elements in your landscape design process such as plant species, trees, or functional design details like outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, and swimming pools. We'll also discuss how changes to the approach of your house can enhance its presentation to the street. At this stage, all design options remain on the table, and we take great care to ensure that we align with your expectations and budgetary comfort zone by pinning a preliminary budget on all ideas presented.

Final Site Plan & Construction

Our team of highly experienced professionals puts its best ideas together to create a final site plan that meets all the technical requirements of your new landscape design. Once finalized, we proceed to complete the construction documentation and provide a final project estimate that you can review.

With the necessary documentation in place, we’ll initiate landscape construction, where no details are overlooked, and meticulous attention is paid to your desired outcome. Our landscape architects are dedicated and motivated, ensuring that the installation of your landscape is carried out to the highest standard while keeping in line with the agreed schedule and budget.

We understand that communication is vital during the entire landscape construction process, and hence, our experts keep you updated on the project's progress throughout, right from groundbreaking to finishing touches. Rest assured, you can count on us to deliver your dream landscape with utmost precision and care.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

Maintaining Your New Landscape

The importance of regular maintenance for your outdoor living environment cannot be overstated, and it has everything to do with landscape design. To that end, we at Global World Design recognize the value of comprehensive, expert care, and attention to preserving and maintaining the quality and beauty of your landscape investment.

Our Garden Management Division is entirely invested in ensuring the continued health and success of your gardens and landscape systems for years to come, providing top-notch care to keep them looking fresh and verdant all year round.

With the conclusion of construction, it's an opportune time to plan for basic maintenance to ensure that your new outdoor paradise continues to thrive and remain stunningly beautiful. Make the sensible choice and choose Global World Design to provide the expert maintenance service your landscape deserves.


Congratulations! The final design of your outdoor living space is complete, designed to cater to year-round usability, making it your own unique oasis to experience and enjoy the changing seasons.

We highly recommend celebrating this achievement by throwing a massive kick-off party and inviting us along as attendees. We'll be delighted to join in and help you celebrate your dream landscape by pointing out the fantastic ideas that we incorporated into the design, which finally culminated in the stunning landscape that you see today.

Landscape Design

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